Contract Test Laboratory

Vostron reliability test laboratory, located in Penang region, provides testing service to diverse group of industries nationwide such as automotive, electronics, medical, military, telecommunication, plastics, packaging and a variety of other industries.

We specialize in design verification testing, product performance, failure analysis, production testing, life testing, environmental stress screening and a total quality controlled system. Whether you need to provide validation of your product test results or need a test laboratory to handle over flow during your peak periods, Vostron is your one stop solution.

Test Specification & Equipment Capability

All of our test equipment is calibrated with ISO /IEC 17205 Standard. Detailed description of all our environmental test equipment and their simulation capabilities are listed below :-

Description Capabilities
Burn-in Oven Temperature : 40 to 250°C
Temperature & Humidity Chamber Temperature : -70° to 180°C
Humidity : 10 to 98%
Thermal Shock Chamber Temperature : -70° to 180°C
Environmental Stress Screening Chamber Temperature : -55 to 100°C
Ramp Rate : 5°C/Min to 30°C/Min
Hast System Auto Claves Temperature : 105°C to 162°C
Humidity : 75% RH to 100% RH
(4.0kb / cm³G)

All of our Vostron testing facilities are equipped to meet a variety of commercial, automotive and military test standards. Below is our specification used for testing :-

Testing Specification Equipment
JESD22-A104-B (Test Condition A -M) Thermal Shock Chamber
IEC 60068-2-14
ESS Chamber
IEC 68-2-1 (Part 2, Test A, Cold-all clauses)
IEC 68-2-2 (Part 2, Test B, Dry Heat -all clauses)
IEC 68-2-3 , EC 68-2-56 (Damp Heat - Steady State Test)
IEC 68-2-30 (Damp Heat Cyclic Test)
IEC 68-2-38 (Composite Temp / Humidity Cyclic Test)

Temperature / Humidity Chamber