Company Overview

Vostron is an industrial test chamber and oven manufacturer, we supply both brand new and refurbished chamber, we do provide chamber rental as well as contract reliability test laboratory. On top, we are providing maintenance and calibration services for chamber and oven in all the types.

Vostron is well known for maintaining highest standard in research and development, manufacturing and quality assurance. Our products vary from small bench top chamber to huge walk-in chamber. Vostron test chambers are widely used for various applications such as IT, electronics, aerospace, defense, scientific, medical laboratories, manufacturing research and development.

Vostron offers a broad range of both standard and custom-designed chambers and ovens. Our experiences engineering and designing team could create custom solution for customers’ specialized requirements. At Vostron, we guarantee the quality and reliability of every machine we manufacture with design review meeting, incoming and in-process inspection and validation testing. We ensure our customers are buying the most reliable chamber in the industry with reasonable pricing.

Whenever our customers have a need, our committed sales specialists are available to solve any challenging environmental test application. Our dedication in after-sales-service continues and it is never-ending from machine set-up, user training, technical support, spare parts, system upgrade, calibration and timely preventive maintenance. Vostron contract reliability test laboratory provides validation of customers’ product test result and handle overflow during their peak testing periods.

At Vostron, our engineering and designing teams work closely to integrate latest technology and evolve our state-of-art chamber product lines. Our goal is to ensure consistent product excellence with compliant to international standards. As at today, we are well recognized on our superior quality machines and prompt responsiveness services. The efficiency of our supports and spare parts help our customers obtain the maximum satisfaction out of their minimum investment.

Please contact us should you need any kind of chamber or oven in environmental testing, we are the environmental test chamber specialist who will provide you with one-stop solution.

Our Customers & Projects
  • Agilent
  • Avago
  • Benchmark
  • Celestica
  • Cisco
  • Continental
  • Fabrinet
  • Flextronic
  • Harris Stratex
  • Honeywell
  • iDirect
  • Infinera
  • IXIA
  • Juniper
  • Motorola
  • Plexus
  • Redback
  • STEC
  • WesternGeco